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Accident Care at RCI Injury Treatment Center

If You Were Recently In One Of The Accidents Listed Below

There Is No Co-Pay OR Deductible

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Oregon Law Requires A Minimum Of $15,000 In Personal Injury Protection

Man with neck pain after accidentThis means you have the coverage to get properly checked. Even low impact speeds can cause whiplash damage that is undetectable to the average person.

The ideal time frame to get checked out by a medical professional who understands this process is within the first two weeks after the accident.

You technically have until two years after the incident, but if the matter ever went to trial (because your insurer refuses to pay medical bills) it can hurt your future case the longer you wait. Keep in mind that insurers have professional attorneys on staff at all times to protect their profits, and its critical to seek experienced practitioners who maintain excellent records of your state as well as seeking professional legal representation if you are forced to take the matter to court.

Dr. Singler understands his role well, and knows that certain cases need an MD’s validation as well in order for certain cases to hold up in court.

Working with a lesser accident experienced professional can mean a great deal of financial risk for your family.

Man riding bike

A Bicycle Is Considered A Moving Vehicle, Therefore You Are Covered By Personal Injury Protection Insurance

You will need at least one witness, immediate medical attention to substantiate your injuries, and submit all these records to your insurer.

Unfortunately there is not currently insurance offered just for cyclists, so it’s imperative to have the maximum Personal Injury Protection that your car insurer offers if you are a bike commuter. If you are hit by a car on a bike, just one day in the hospital could use up a substantial chunk of that maximum coverage.

If you are able to get the information of the person who hit you, their insurance would be responsible. Sadly, hit and runs with bicyclists are common and how to pay for the treatments you need can be confusing, but they don’t have to be. The claim would be handled in a similar way to a motor vehicle accident, and your bike may even be covered for damages.  We understand the in’s and out’s of bike accidents. If you were hit while riding a bicycle, we can help.

Workers in warehouse

On-The-Job Injuries Are Covered By Worker’s Compensation

Regardless of what you are told by your employer, companies are not legally permitted to dictate where you seek medical attention. We have seen too many cases where large companies try to sway an employee that was hurt on the job to use their preferred vendor, such as Kaiser Permanente’s On-The-Job service, which is marketed as a one-stop worker’s compensation plan to large corporations to minimize costs to the company.

Unfortunately MD’s working within this corporate model are under pressure to release you within a certain time frame regardless of where you are in your recovery. We are constantly hearing feedback from patients who still needed relief, but were only given pain killers and icing instructions without full explanation of care options that might make a difference.

We advocate patient’s full restoration. As an independent clinic not under corporate pressure, we are happy to support you in seeking any type of care that will help you, whether it be services we provide, or therapies beyond our scope of practice. We are here to help you get healthy.

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